Our driving philosophy is a reflection of our DNA and each member of our team is hardwired to win for our clients. The FHA culture embraces passion and competition to promote strong ideas and strategies that are flawlessly executed, producing the highest quality product.

We don’t come to play — we come to win

FHA was founded on core but simple principles. Recruit the smartest talent possible. Work incredibly hard for our clients. Celebrate our differences. Collaborate with others. And, above all, row in the same direction. That’s how you achieve the greatest results and build an engaged team of professionals. Our team is driving the ball forward each and every day. Dreaming up innovative strategies, setting an agenda, tirelessly pushing the boulder up the hill, never giving up for the cause. We’re known for that intensity and tenacity. We’re passionate about the work. We love the adrenaline. And, we never drop the ball. Clients know we’ll be there, blazing a path for them. For nearly 20 years, this philosophy has helped our clients succeed and our people achieve their goals.

We mean business, but also have fun

We may be Type A and aggressive in our commitment to client service. But, we also genuinely like each other. Novel concept? Not at FHA. Here our quirky band of warriors work and play together. We’re unified under the concept of all boats rise. We may be different. We may bring diverse backgrounds, skill sets and perspectives. But our goal is to respect each other, unite and provide our employees a welcoming environment and platform to flourish.