Powering California’s communities is a complex mission, and ambitious clean energy achievements are constantly met with calls to do more, faster. FHA understands the unparalleled challenges that weigh on the shoulders of the energy sector, and we know how to lighten the load. In this arena, we’ve done it all – partnering with clients to approve projects, effectively manage crises, successfully advocate for achievable regulations, promote balanced legislation and advance regulatory action to achieve greater energy security for Californians. In lockstep with our clients, we are building a cleaner, more reliable and affordable future for California.

Our expertise:

  • California’s climate change policies
  • Private and public utilities
  • Energy efficiency and emissions reduction standards
  • Oil and natural gas production, transportation and refining
  • Electric vehicles and chargers
  • Renewable energy generation, transmission and battery storage
  • Solar, geothermal, biomass and hydropower projects