Leaders across the health care sector—from health plans to hospitals and providers to consumer groups—are swirling in a pool of uncertainty as they try to keep up with rapidly changing, government-mandated regulations and policies designed to push for higher-quality care that’s more cost-effective, coordinated and transparent. Our deep bench of health care experts has locked arms with industry leaders to target the most high-profile and challenging health care issues in California. Whether outcomes are being decided in the Capitol, at the ballot box or in the boardroom, we approach each issue through the lens that health care touches us all—and communication around it must do the same. Together with our clients, we are shaping California’s health care landscape.

Our expertise:

    • Affordable Care Act and Covered California
    • Health care spending, trends and cost drivers
    • Private, non-profit and public health plan services and rates
    • Provider services and challenges
    • Health care legislation and reform
    • Patient and consumer education and awareness
    • Hospital operations and labor relations
    • Innovations in health science, treatment and prevention
    • Cutting-edge biomedical and stem cell research
    • Prescription drug pricing
    • Acquisitions and mergers