Developers are putting construction crews to work on bridges that connect people to jobs, commercial properties that empower entrepreneurs and mixed-use projects that provide new homes for young families. Before project benefits are realized, development projects are often met with varying degrees of hesitation as surrounding neighbors and stakeholders instinctively fear the unknown, raising concerns about impacts to their quality of life. When perceived impacts grow and multiply, so does the resistance in the path to securing approvals. By taking the unknown and making it familiar, FHA has helped developers build public trust and support, navigate the public review process, secure permits and break ground as they build California’s infrastructure and improve communities.

Our expertise:

  • Mixed-use development and redevelopment
  • Permitting approvals
  • Hotels, commercial properties, retail centers and entertainment venues
  • Residential development
  • CEQA and NEPA processes
  • Regional and city planning
  • Urban planning