For more than a decade, Ann Newton has been designing smart, effective communication and outreach strategies and building winning coalitions for issues, projects and campaigns. She is respected leader who combines extensive knowledge of the national media landscape with an ability to skillfully maneuver through California’s regulatory and political labyrinth. She has worked with a broad spectrum of corporate, public agency, trade association, nonprofit and political clients, developing programs and campaigns for a diverse range of issues, ranging from water to health care. 

Clients depend on Ann too closely manage their accounts, create compelling messages, and effectively communicate those messages to target audiences. For clients with particularly complex public policy issues, Ann is a trusted advisor. She understands their issues, can read and analyze the political chess board, knows the stakeholders, decision-makers and opponents, and identifies communications strategies that consider the subtle nuances that can impact a project or campaign’s success.

In addition to her work with FHA, Ann serves on the board of directors for the Valley Industry & Commerce Association.